6 Spider-Repelling Plants for Your Indoor Garden

House spiders are found in every region of the world and have been coexisting with humans for centuries. While house spiders do not pose a threat to human health, their presence can be unsettling and problematic for those who are arachnophobic or who suffer from other types of phobias. Indoor environments provide the perfect breeding ground for house spiders which is why it is important to find plants that will repel them! I’ll take you through six such plants today.

These six plants might help you keep spiders away from your house.

1. Peppermint
Peppermint is a popular and potent insect repellent that smells fabulous. It is also great for many other uses!

Peppermint can repel other pests, like spiders, with its distinctive scent. It does so to keep them from taking up residence in your house or garden area.

2. Lavender
Lavender is a type of purple flower that is a traditional addition to the garden. It has many health benefits for people, and although its pleasant aroma might seem like something good for people, it is actually good for not attracting insects!

3. Basil
Basil is one of the most popular herbs that people care for in their gardens and it’s not only known for its strong aroma but also because it can be used therapeutically.

If you want to get rid of spiders, we suggest you buy a basil plant.

Focus on Other Pests
Spiders are known to eat insects, so focus on making other bugs less appealing as food for them.

When they run out of food they like (insects) these creatures will eventually move on by themselves!

Here are plants that will work with this trick:

4. Citronella
Citronella has been used for years to keep mosquitoes away, but its pleasant lemon scent also makes it a good household insect repellent.

The smell will deter bugs like flies and mosquitos from coming into your home – meaning less potential spider territory!

5. Lemon Balm
This plant is popular for its use in herbal tea, but it has other beneficial uses. The flowers are edible and can help keep fruit flies away.

This houseplant does well even if it is not in direct sunlight.

6. Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemums have been found to be a natural insect repellant.

They sound like something that could help with your pesky bugs right? Keep them away by keeping their flowers well-watered, but not placed somewhere too sunny or it will stop blooming quickly!

What else you should know
Spiders like to live in dark and quiet areas. The best place to put your houseplant is near light so it can stay healthy.

Hanging baskets are a great way to keep your plants away from the corners of the ceiling, and they are also effective at deterring spiders with strategically placed webs!

To get rid of spiders, use aromatic herbs to provide them with a pleasant scent. Refresh areas where they congregate by rubbing leaves in corners and crannies. Dried lavender is also an option for this purpose.

Are Spiders Dangerous?
Spiders in your home can sometimes cause a bug bite, but they’re usually harmless.

Are Spiders THAT Harmful for Plants?
Though seeing spiders in your house can be frightening, they also play an important role because they eat other bugs.

They catch and eat fruit flies as well as other pests like house flies or crane flies. One spider may seem like a big problem but they would do more good by catching these insects.

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