15 Best Smelling Houseplants To Perfume Your Home

Jasmine is a delicate flower that can be used in any home. It has white petals and green leaves, which make it stand out from other plants more than others.

The smell of Jasmine will fill your house with an elegant aroma like fresh linens!

To grow this plant successfully you need bright light protection against drafts as well as water retention so don’t forget about those weekly watering rituals to keep up its humidity levels too


Gardenia plants are famous for their sweet fragrance and dark green glossy leaves.

This houseplant has white flowers with an aromatic scent that puts off a delicious aroma in any room you place it in!


Citrus fruit trees are a great way to add fragrance and sunshine into your home. The tiny citrus plants can be grown as miniatures, needing plenty of sunlight and warmth in order produce fragrant blossoms that smell like their juicy fruits!

They also tend to only need watering every now then so you don’t have worry about over-watering them at least for now on this end (but definitely keep an eye out!).

It takes around 6 years before these little guys mature enough though; but once they do blooming will start immediately.


Orchids come in all colors with a wide variety of blooms.

They also each have their own unique scent, but the best place to keep an orchid is near bright natural lights like those found on windowsills and next door to potted plants for optimal visibility.


The beauty of geraniums is unmatched by any other plant in this list. Their flower spikes are always perfect, and their scent can fill up a room with ease!

But what makes them so great? Well for starters they’re one-of-a kind: there’s no other type like it anywhere else on Earth – not even close!

And besides looking good as well (especially when brightly colored), these flowers make sure you don’t run low on fresh air either; each bloom has hundreds if not thousands of petals that smell just as sweet at night time.


Stephanotis is a vining plant that produces clusters of waxy, sweet smelling flowers in spring and summer.

It’s one of the easier indoor plants to grow as it just needs bright light for watering but no artificial fertilizers or pesticides!

The leaves on this climbing vine have dark green color with attractive patterns throughout which means they look good no matter what season you’re seeing them during – from fresh snow drifts all way through hot summers day at your local park bench.

You don’t know what you’re missing out on if your house doesn’t have a eucalyptus plant.

These beautiful plants are perfect for those who want an invigorating scent in their home or office, but they can be tricky to grow because of how quickly these plants need water!

It is essential that we check them often so make sure and give this beauty some love every couple of weeks by checking the soil moisture level before setting one free indoors.

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