How To Use Bananas In the Garden

If you’ve been throwing out your banana peels, you’re doing more than just adding to your compost pile. As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons to keep that peel around the house for a little while longer. With this article, we’ll show you 8 ways to use those left-over banana peels in the garden.

In this guide you’ll learn some of the most common uses for banana peels in the garden.

Banana peel tea
If you need to fertilize your plants, you can use a banana peel. Just take leftover peels from breakfast and lunch, soak them in water for two days, and then pour them on top of greenery.

These nutrients will infuse into the leaves, giving it an extra boost!

Plant them directly in your garden
For this one, you can use fresh peels or the ones from your banana peel tea.

Some people find it quicker to cut up the whole peel into quarters and put them either beneath plants when planting, or just above surface level in the soil. Cutting into quarters speeds up the decomposing process which releases beneficial vitamins for your garden’s inhabitants.

Toss banana peels in the compost
Banana peels are often found in compost piles, so start with those and add all other scraps. This creates a nutrient-rich mix that is perfect for your garden.

Dry and ground up for fertilizer
Dried and ground peels can be sprinkled on top of soil for extra nutrients for your plants.

Simply plant the whole peel
Dig a trench about four to five inches deep, lay your peel out flat and cover it with dirt. Plant seeds at least one inch apart from each other for best results!

Insect trap
To kill insects, use an apple cider vinegar-soaked banana peel to trap them. The smell will attract any pesky critters nearby, but the solution inside this container is what keeps them trapped so they can’t escape!

Banana vinegar
It sounds like this might be hard to believe, but your plants love acidic soil.


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