Garden ideas: decorative vegetable garden! 60 beautiful ideas for insp

Garden ideas: decorative vegetable garden! 60 beautiful ideas for inspiration!

Garden ideas: decorative vegetable garden! 60 beautiful ideas for inspiration! Not so long ago, the garden was perceived extremely negatively, because it served as a great help for the family budget. In addition, a lot of effort and time was required to care for the garden, which frightened most of the homeowners. In the modern concept, a garden is a hobby, a hobby. Growing your own vegetables is difficult and responsible, unequivocally and unprofitable from an economic point of view. At the same time, this is a fairly interesting and exciting activity that allows not only to receive natural fruits, but also to decorate the site. How to create a decorative garden with your own hands? About this in our material. Differences between the classic and decorative garden The garden is a small area on the territory of the personal plot intended for growing vegetables. Also here can be fruit trees and berry shrubs located near the house. A classic garden is a beds formed in rows covered with a film stretched on a metal or plastic frame (greenhouse). As for the decorative garden, containers and other containers used for it, which can be located anywhere (near the terrace or patio, arbors or at the porch of the house). For these purposes, they use flower and potted gardens, pots. An equally attractive option is rockery, which, in addition to gravel and stones, may contain plants useful in the household, for example, spicy herbs. Decorative garden - what is it? The concept of “decorative” usually means a garden with a high level of improvement (garden paths and high beds with sides, “capital” structures and beds of the original shape). An equally important condition for creating a decorative garden is the presence of colors (annual and perennial), which make up about 10% of all plants that are in the garden. To create a garden of this type, vegetable and other crops are used, designed not to eat them, but for the decor of the site. For example, you can use sunflower and tomatoes, various types of salads and corn. If you go to a horticultural store, then there you can find a wide range of plants, which will allow everyone to choose the best option. At the same time, experts recommend not using plants with inedible or poison fruits, because this can mislead both adults and children. This type of garden is called decorative, it is not worth placing it on the front house territory, since it belongs to the household zone. It is also impossible to place the garden in the center of the site, because the recreation area and garden paths will divide it into small fragments, which will lead to a visual decrease in the site, and this will negatively affect its perception. The determination of the size of the decorative garden is equally important. The main element is the bed - a strip allocated for planting plants. For proper care of the beds, you need to constantly loosen and dig the ground, plant seedlings and sow seeds, weed and water plants. Therefore, it is important to make the garden in such a way that it was convenient and comfortable to care for it. Based on this, the gardeners determined the following parameters: - The width of the bed is no more than 1 meter. - The height of the beds depends on the gardener and his capabilities. For example, it is more convenient for older people to work on raised beds. - The thickness of fertile soil is at least 0.2 meters. - the minimum width between the beds (track for movement) - from 0.4 meters. - If high beds are planned, then to create them you need to use strong, environmentally friendly and moisture -resistant materials. This video is educational in nature! Author of the channel "100 Ideas!" demonstrates decorative vegetable garden and explains their merits. We made significant changes to our content using Movavi Video Suite 18 video editor, edited several ideas (image) in a specific order to reveal the creator's creative intent, and overlaid audio track with our instructions and free music YouTube. #garden #vegetablegarden #decorativegarden

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